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Research shows effectiveness of
lessons in the Alexander Technique
for relief of neck and back pain.

texting and the spine

Alexander Technique recommended to avoid strain on neck and spine that can occur when using handheld devices.
The Journal News 

Study published in the British Medical Journal shows long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain of one-to-one lessons in the AT from certified teachers.



Alexander Technique

For over 100 years the Alexander Technique
has enabled people of all ages, all across the world,
to regain good posture, balance and poise
and relieve stiffness, tension and pain
for the long-term.

Teaching the
Alexander Technique
since 1990

Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT

certified teacher
Newton, MA

617. 527. 7373


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Jill Geiger, certified teacher
greater Boston area
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