Introduction to the Alexander Technique
      two-session online class



Interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and
relieving stiffness, pain, and tension?

Poor posture, stress, and neck/back/shoulder pains are often caused by unrecognized habits of tension. By teaching you how to recognize and unlearn these common habits, the Alexander Technique provides the means to restore your innate good posture, balance and poise. For over 120 years, performers, athletes, and individuals of all ages have used this method to reduce tension and stress and experience lasting relief from chronic pain.

In this two-session online class you'll be introduced to the history and principles of the AT and you'll experience how you can apply it to everyday activities to look and feel better and move more easily.
Registration includes one private lesson outside of class.

Nov. 5 - 12 (Thurs.)
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET
Location: Comfort of your own home (taught via Zoom)
Cost:  $45

To register:  recreation@wellesleyma.gov or 781-235-2370

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Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT

teaching the Alexander Technique since 1990