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The Alexander Technique is taught through a series of individual lessons.

During the lesson the pupil experiences standing, sitting and moving with increasingly less effort and tension as habits interfering with the body's postural mechanisms are unlearned.  
This is accomplished through a combination of verbal instruction
and gentle hands-on guidance.

As learning progresses the changes experienced in the lesson become incorporated in daily activities until what's learned has become second nature.  Pupils learn how to perform the activities in their lives - simple to highly skilled - with ease and poise and how to respond to the many stresses in life with far less tension.

Lessons are on a weekly basis except during the first month in which
slightly greater frequency is recommended.


  David seated 1    

Hands-on guidance in a lesson.


chair turn

Claudia with cellphone

Lessons are typically 35 minutes in length.

Heather monkey

Teaching hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT

teaching the Alexander Technique since 1990
Newton, MA

617 527 7373